Wonderkind vs Appcast: The future of job advertising

In today's digitally-driven recruitment world, companies are seeking more innovative, efficient ways to post job ads. Technologies like Appcast and Wonderkind are leading this revolution. Each platform provides unique solutions and caters to different needs. 

So, which one is best suited for your business? Let's explore.

The power of Appcast

Appcast is a recognized name in the recruitment industry, known for its programmatic job ad exchange. It's designed to optimize job postings across numerous job sites, leveraging real-time data and predictive analytics. 

Appcast targets active job seekers, adjusting bids based on the candidate's likelihood to apply. It's a robust solution if your strategy mainly revolves around reaching active job seekers on job boards.

The difference

The Wonderkind difference

Wonderkind offers a distinct, arguably more cutting-edge, approach to job advertising. Wonderkind's advanced technology transforms standard written job descriptions into engaging audio-visual job ads tailored for social media platforms. 

By doing so, it reaches not only active job seekers but also a wider audience of passive candidates, often untouched by traditional job boards.

A side-by-side comparison

Here's how Wonderkind and Appcast compare when it comes to features.

Platform focus
High volume job ad distribution via social media
High volume job ad distribution via job boards
Target candidate audience
Active and passive candidates
Mainly active candidates
Job ad format
Converts text to audio-visual job ads
Primarily traditional text-based ads
Social media integration
Extensive (facebook, instagram, google, tiktok, snapchat)
Campaign and publish management
Job distribution to job boards
Automated job title recognition
Transparent media buying
Not specified
Multi-currency support
Pricing structure
Ad Commission
Not specified
Mininum ad spend
No minimum
Not specified
Ideal customers
Staffing agencies, RPOs, recruitment marketing agencies, ATS technologies, job boards
Direct employers

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The Appcast vs. Wonderkind debate

Job advertising strategy

While Appcast focuses on multiple job boards, Wonderkind ventures beyond by targeting both job boards and social media platforms.

This strategy, coupled with the use of engaging audio-visual ads, provides Wonderkind with a broader reach and a higher chance of visibility on search engines.

Technological innovation

While Appcast optimizes job postings using predictive analytics, Wonderkind employs unique features like automated job title recognition and the ability to distribute audio-visual job ads at scale.

These features not only increase user engagement but also enhance the visibility of your job ads on search engines.

Candidate engagement

Appcast is primarily aimed at active job seekers. In contrast, Wonderkind aims to inspire millions of candidates, including passive ones, by presenting them with visually appealing job ads on their favorite social platforms. This strategic approach can help attract more organic traffic to your job ads.

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Final thoughts

Both Appcast and Wonderkind offer unique, powerful solutions tailored to different facets of the recruitment advertising spectrum.

Appcast excels in job ad distribution on traditional job boards, attracting primarily active job seekers with its pay-per-applicant model. It's an effective tool for firms seeking to capitalise on candidates already in the process of job searching and in platforms where they are most likely to be looking.

On the flip side, Wonderkind stands out in leveraging the power of social media for job ad distribution. By transforming job details into eye-catching audio-visual ads and delivering them to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, and LinkedIn, it provides unparalleled access to both active and passive candidates.

This approach is particularly advantageous for reaching passive candidates who may not be actively job searching but could be open to new opportunities.

In essence, Appcast and Wonderkind serve complementary roles in a comprehensive talent attraction strategy. By using them in tandem, staffing firms, RPOs, and recruitment marketing agencies can cast a wider net, effectively reaching both active and passive job seekers to maximise their recruitment efforts.

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