Amplify your job ads with precision

Connect your job feed, set your rules, and watch as we deliver your job ads to the most relevant candidates across Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, TikTok, and WhatsApp. It's time to make every job vacancy stand out on its own merit.

Lower job ad spend
Higher job ad ROI
More positions filled
One hub, total control

Unified ad management

Streamline your recruitment advertising across channels with Wonderkind's Ads Manager. Manage, track, and optimise ads for Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, TikTok, and WhatsApp all in one place.

Spend with purpose, convert with ease

Targeted spend, targeted conversion

Assign a unique budget to each job ad, ensuring it receives the visibility it deserves. Wonderkind's technology ensures that every unit of currency spent is strategically optimised for conversion, attracting the most qualified candidates for the jobs that matter the most to you.

Efficiency meets intelligence

Smart ad distribution

Wonderkind's platform enhances your current recruitment workflow with seamless integration. Simply add your job feed XML and our technology will take care of the rest, automating your ad distribution without a minimum job threshold, ensuring your key vacancies receive the focus they deserve at scale.

How you benefit

Experience the advantage of precision-targeted job ads. Our platform aligns every single job ad with curated media, ensuring each ad resonates with the intended audience, enhancing engagement, and drawing in the talent that aligns with your company's vision.

Custom budget allocation

Decide how much to spend on each job ad, optimising your investment for the best returns.

Targeted advertising exposure

Pair job ads with resonant media from our library for impactful, audience-specific visibility.

Effortless XML integration

Connect your job feed XML to Wonderkind and let our technology automate the ad distribution based on your set criteria.

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Lower job ad spend
Higher job ad ROI
More positions filled