Transform the way you engage with candidates

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, capturing attention is more challenging than ever. Dynamic ads are here to change that, automatically promoting your entire job catalog across platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Connect the right jobs with the right candidates, effortlessly.

Lower job ad spend
Higher job ad ROI
More positions filled
Personalised ads at scale

Why dynamic ads are a game-changer

In a world where Gen Z is redefining interests and breaking out of boxes, traditional job ads just don't cut it. Dynamic ads allow you to target a more focused set of candidates, making them an essential part of your Talent Attraction campaigns.

Simplicity meets efficiency

How dynamic ads work

Upload your job catalog and set up your campaign in one go. Our dynamic ads technology will automatically promote your most relevant job openings to candidates who've shown interest to apply.

Real-time relevance

Traditional ads vs. dynamic ads

Unlike traditional ads that are fixed and require manual A/B testing, dynamic ads adjust in real-time based on candidate data. This makes them incredibly effective, especially on platforms like Facebook where you can access a wealth of candidate data for personalised advertising efforts.

How you benefit

Imagine a world where your job ads not only reach the right people but also speak their language. Dynamic Ads offer highly personalised, real-time, cross-device targeting that's not just effective—it's transformative. In a tight labor market, this feature gives you a distinct competitive edge.

Hyper-personalised ads

Tailor your job ads to each candidate's unique interests and browsing behaviour.

Real-time updates

Our dynamic ads are always up-to-date, ensuring you're showcasing the most current job openings

Simplified ad buying

Leverage your business data to create hyper-targeted campaigns automatically.

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Lower job ad spend
Higher job ad ROI
More positions filled