Lead Ads: where every click is a potential hire

In a world where attention spans are shorter than ever, capturing high-quality leads for your job openings can be a daunting task. Wonderkind's Lead Ads simplify this process, turning passive scrollers into active candidates without them ever leaving their favourite social media platforms.

Lower job ad spend
Higher job ad ROI
More positions filled
Frictionless candidate experience

Bye to lengthy forms

Forget about tedious forms that scare away potential candidates. With Wonderkind Lead Ads, candidates can express interest in your job openings without ever leaving their social media feed. Our one-click lead forms make it easier than ever for potential hires to connect with you.

Impactful analytics

Turn data into decisions

Don't just run campaigns—master them. Our built-in reporting tools let you measure your cost per lead and even pinpoint the specific audiences you're converting. Make data-driven decisions and optimise your lead generation like never before.

Integrate with your ATS

Never lose touch, never lose talent

Don't let potential hires slip through the cracks. Our Lead Ads integrate seamlessly with your ATS, enabling automated follow-ups to keep candidates engaged.

How you benefit

While your competitors are stuck redirecting traffic and losing potential hires, Wonderkind users capture and engage high-quality leads directly within the social media platform. Our seamless ATS integration and real-time analytics empower you to make smarter recruitment decisions, setting you miles ahead in the tightening labor market.

On-platform lead capture

Candidates don't need to leave their social media feed to apply, making the process quick and seamless.

Automated ATS integration

Our technology syncs with your existing ATS, automating the follow-up process and saving you time.

Data-driven insights

Our analytics go beyond surface-level metrics, offering you actionable insights to optimise your campaigns.

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Recruiting on social media makes sense

Make more placements while keeping a clear overview of costs and ROI.

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Lower job ad spend
Higher job ad ROI
More positions filled