One feed, infinite job ad possibilities

Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple job feeds across different platforms. With Wonderkind's Feed Management Solution, you can centralise all your job listings into a single, powerful feed—just like you're used to with platforms like Indeed. Filter, control, and automate your job ads effortlessly, all from a single dashboard. It's job ad management, simplified.

Lower job ad spend
Higher job ad ROI
More positions filled
AI-powered algorithms

Smart matching, better advertising

Our sophisticated AI algorithms automatically map a wide variety of job titles to O*net job categories. This not only helps you gain insights into what's in your feed but also enables automatic mapping to associated assets in your asset library.

Automated campaign flows

Set it and forget it

Establish fully automated campaign flows by setting rules and requirements for your job list. This ensures that the right jobs are shown to the right people, at the right time, without any manual intervention.

Unlock insights with auto-analysis

Know your jobs, boost strategy

Don't just manage your job feed—understand it. Our Feed Management tool automatically analyzes your job feed to provide instant insights into job types, categories, and more. Make data-driven decisions effortlessly and refine your advertising strategy on the go.

How you benefit

AI-enhanced precision, total control, and seamless automation: Wonderkind's Feed Management is your ultimate tool for job advertising at scale. Leverage our AI-powered algorithms to effortlessly filter and categorise your job lists, take full control over your job distribution, and automate your campaign flows. Plus, gain unparalleled insights into your job feed, all in one place.


Map job titles to O*net categories effortlessly, enabling smarter advertising strategies.


From filtering job lists to setting up campaign flows, automation is at the heart of our Feed Management tool.


Unlock valuable insights into job types, categories, and more with our AI-powered analysis.

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Lower job ad spend
Higher job ad ROI
More positions filled