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February 6, 2024

Best 11+ recruitment technology platforms for job advertising (2024)

We’ve collected the best recruitment technology platforms for job advertising we could find, so you don’t have to. Check out this list of the best 11+ platforms.

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Looking for a quick answer? Wonderkind - that’s us by the way - is probably the best recruitment technology solution specifically made for job advertising out there right now. It lets you get the right job in front of the best person, at the right time, within budget. 

But before we get to our (not necessarily ranked) list of platforms, let’s take a quick look at what type of recruitment technology you should consider using. 

P.s. This list is somewhat long. If you want to check out those 11 recruitment tech platforms immediately, scroll down or use the table of contents for better navigation. 

Types of recruitment technology platforms

Here’s a list of 9 types of recruitment technologies including a short description. This will give you a clearer picture of the recruitment tech landscape, overall.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is essentially a software tool that automates the hiring process for organisations. Think of it as a digital gatekeeper that helps companies manage job applications more efficiently. 

When you submit your resume online, the ATS scans and ranks your application based on how well your qualifications match the job description. It's like a search engine for recruiters, allowing them to filter through hundreds of applications quickly to find the most suitable candidates.

Candidate Relationship Marketing platforms

A Candidate Relationship Marketing (CRM) platform is like a social network for job seekers and employers, but with a focus on building long-term relationships rather than immediate hiring. 

It allows companies to engage with potential candidates through personalised communication, keeping them interested in the company even before a suitable job opens up. 

Sourcing software

Sourcing software is a tool that functions like an advanced search engine for recruiters, enabling them to discover and connect with potential job candidates across the internet. 

Think of it as a digital scout that explores social media, professional networks, and online resumes to identify people who fit the job requirements but might not have applied yet. 

It simplifies the task of finding and reaching out to these passive candidates, allowing companies to efficiently expand their talent pool with qualified individuals who are open to new opportunities, even if they're not actively job hunting.

Screening software

Screening software is like a filter for job applications, designed to help recruiters sift through a mountain of resumes quickly and identify the most promising candidates. It evaluates applications based on specific criteria set by the employer, such as skills, experience, and education, automatically ranking or highlighting those that best match the job requirements. 

This means that instead of manually reading every single resume, recruiters can focus their attention on candidates who are more likely to be a good fit for the position, streamlining the hiring process and saving a lot of time.

Interview software

Interview software is a digital platform that facilitates the job interview process online, allowing candidates and recruiters to connect from anywhere in the world. It's like Zoom or Skype, but specifically designed for conducting job interviews, complete with features for scheduling, video conferencing, and sometimes even recording responses to pre-set questions. 

This technology makes interviews more accessible and flexible, enabling companies to efficiently screen candidates without the need for them to travel, and providing applicants the convenience of interviewing from their own space.

Reference checking software

Reference checking software automates the process of verifying a job candidate's references, essentially doing the background homework for employers. Instead of manually calling or emailing each reference to ask about a candidate's past work performance and behaviour, this software sends out questionnaires directly to the references. 

They can fill these out at their convenience, providing insights into the candidate's skills, reliability, and workplace demeanour. This streamlines the reference checking process, making it faster and more consistent, and helps employers make informed hiring decisions based on feedback from people who have previously worked with the candidate.

Candidate experience analytics

Candidate experience analytics is like a report card for companies, showing how well they're doing in making the job application process friendly and engaging for applicants. This technology gathers feedback from candidates at various stages of the hiring process, from applying to interviewing, and analyses it to pinpoint what's working well and what's not. 

It's a way for companies to understand the applicant's perspective better, ensuring they feel valued and respected throughout. By analysing this data, companies can make improvements, leading to a smoother, more positive experience for future candidates, which can also boost the company's reputation among job seekers.

Assessment software

Assessment software is a digital platform used by employers to evaluate job candidates' skills, knowledge, and compatibility with the company culture through a series of tests and quizzes. Think of it as an online exam that measures your abilities in specific areas relevant to the job you're applying for, such as problem-solving, technical skills, or personality traits. 

This software helps ensure that candidates who move forward in the hiring process are well-suited for the position, making the recruitment process more efficient and fair by basing decisions on objective data rather than just resumes and interviews.

Onboarding software

Onboarding software is a digital toolkit designed to streamline the process of welcoming new employees into a company. Imagine it as a virtual orientation program that guides you through paperwork, training modules, and introductions to your new team, all from your computer or mobile device. 

This software helps new hires get up to speed quickly and efficiently, ensuring they have all the information and resources they need to start their new job on the right foot. It replaces the stack of forms and manuals with interactive, user-friendly digital content, making the transition into a new role smoother and more engaging.

Best recruitment tech platforms for job advertising

  1. Wonderkind - Best overall
  2. Recruit CRM - Best candidate relationship marketing platform
  3. Jobvite - Best for E2E talent acquisition
  4. Zoho Recruit - Best for remote hiring
  5. TalentReef - Best for location-based hiring
  6. iCIMS - Best ATS
  7. Joveo - Best predictive analytics
  8. Appcast - Best for omnichannel
  9. PandoLogic - Best conversational AI
  10. Radancy - Best for employee referral programs
  11. Talroo - Best for hiring events

Reviews of the best recruitment technology platforms

To give you a better understanding of each recruitment technology platform listed above, we’ll give you a short rundown of each. 

Wonderkind - Best overall

Wonderkind - that’s us! - lets you get the right job in front of the best person, at the right time, within budget. Our recruitment technology platform lets you reach the unreachable through beautiful job ads on social media, with a transparent view of costs and ROI.

If you’re looking to turn your text-heavy job ads into fun, eye-catching visuals for socials and publish 1000s of these visually appealing job ads to social media at once, look no further. Features like smart profile recognition and being able to optimise job ad campaigns through A/B testing make trying out Wonderkind a no-brainer.

The tool heavily focuses on talent attraction instead of on talent acquisition and is best used by recruitment marketing agencies, job boards or staffing firms. If you’d like to know what kind of return on investment you can expect with Wonderkind, check out this ROI calculator.

  • Pricing: Available upon request
  • Target audience: Recruitment marketing agencies, staffing firms, job boards
  • Category: Talent Attraction Technology

Recruit CRM - Best candidate relationship marketing platform

Recruit CRM is a tool designed to make the hiring process easier and more efficient for staffing agencies. It includes an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that gets rid of the need for typing in data by hand, helping recruiters keep track of job applicants more effectively.

Thanks to a Chrome extension, recruiters can find potential job candidates directly from sites like LinkedIn, Xing, Gmail, and Outlook. The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) part of the software helps in organising information about clients, job seekers, job openings, and follow-up actions, leading to better communication and choices based on data.

The software connects with over 5,000 other apps, making sure everything works smoothly together. Plus, it offers round-the-clock customer support to ensure users have a trouble-free experience when recruiting.

  • Pricing: Start at €95 per user per month
  • Target audience: Recruitment firms and staffing agencies
  • Category: Recruitment Software (ATS + CRM)

Jobvite  - Best for E2E talent acquisition

Jobvite offers a complete package for hiring new talent, designed to make the recruitment process smoother and adaptable to a company's specific needs. Their Evolve Talent Acquisition Suite is a comprehensive system that works well with a company's current tech setup.

This suite aims to improve the flow of potential candidates, speed up the hiring process, and make complex tasks easier to manage. Jobvite puts a strong emphasis on creating great experiences for everyone involved in hiring, from the candidates themselves to the recruiters and managers.

The platform is built to lighten the recruiters' workload and ensure that everyone involved in hiring is on the same page. It's all about offering tailored experiences, fostering connections, and enhancing the company's image as an employer.

  • Pricing: Negotiated on a case by case basis
  • Target audience: Enterprises and large-scale organisations
  • Category: Talent Acquisition Software

Zoho Recruit - Best for remote hiring

Zoho Recruit is a recruitment technology platform aimed at making the job of HR teams and recruitment agencies easier by combining the features of an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This setup helps manage everything from finding candidates to getting them ready for their first day, all in one place.

The platform focuses on giving job seekers a good experience, making it simple to post vacancies on more than 75 job boards with just one click and share those posts on social media. It also provides detailed analytics to monitor applicants' progress and improve the hiring process.

Zoho Recruit is big on automation, offering customised tools to make hiring faster and more efficient. It works well with Zoho Workerly, which is used for temporary staff management, and connects with over 50 other tools to fit into the existing workflow of businesses.

  • Pricing: Free plan available, paid plans start at €30 per month per user
  • Target audience: HR teams and recruitment agencies
  • Category: Talent Acquisition Software (ATS + CRM)

TalentReef - Best for location-based hiring

TalentReef is a specialised recruitment tech platform for managing the hiring of hourly workers in businesses with multiple locations, aiming to make the recruitment process smoother for both job seekers and those in charge of hiring.

It comes packed with features such as messaging-based recruitment, customisable career websites, access to job boards, tracking of applicants, and the organisation of interviews. For those managing the hires, it provides resources for bringing new employees on board, ensuring legal compliance, and tools for reporting and analysing data.

The software also focuses on keeping employees happy and engaged long-term, with features designed for employee involvement and self-management. TalentReef's main aim is to make hiring less complicated, improve how hiring tasks are done, and stay flexible in a constantly evolving job market.

  • Pricing: Available upon request
  • Target audience: Businesses looking for location-based, high-volume hourly hiring
  • Category: Talent Management and Recruitment

iCIMS - Best ATS

iCIMS is a platform designed to help companies hire new employees more effectively, offering a comprehensive set of tools under the iCIMS Talent Cloud. This solution covers everything needed to attract, engage, hire, and develop employees, including an Applicant Tracking System, customisable career websites, and tools for managing candidate relationships.

The goal of iCIMS is to enhance the hiring process, making it faster and more suited to the needs of today's businesses. It stands out for its powerful features, affordability over time, and the ability to deliver results quickly. The platform serves a wide range of industries, such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing, and finance, making it versatile for various hiring needs.

  • Pricing: Negotiated on a case by case basis
  • Target audience: Businesses across various industries looking to streamline their talent acquisition process
  • Category: Talent Acquisition Platform

Joveo - Best predictive analytics

Joveo is a recruitment technology platform powered by artificial intelligence, designed to help recruitment marketing agencies find the right talent more efficiently. It includes a variety of tools that enhance the process of sourcing candidates.

With features like MOJO Pro for automated job advertising and MOJO Social for targeting passive candidates via social media, search engines, and online ads, Joveo addresses a wide range of hiring needs. 

Additionally, the platform provides options for building engaging career websites with MOJO Career Sites, improving the job application process with MOJO Apply, and keeping candidates interested with MOJO Engage CRM. A key aspect of Joveo is its focus on transparency, making sure clients have a clear understanding of how their budgets are used.

  • Pricing: Negotiated on a case by case basis
  • Target audience: Recruitment marketing agencies, direct employers, staffing agencies, and recruitment process outsourcing firms
  • Category: AI-Powered Recruitment Marketing

Appcast - Best for omnichannel

Appcast is a top-notch recruitment technology platform, providing a range of tools specifically designed to help organisations worldwide attract the talent they need. It's known for its advanced programmatic technology, aimed at improving the way companies find potential candidates.

At the heart of Appcast's services is AppcastOne, a comprehensive recruitment marketing system that uses a mix of automated advertising, search engines, social media, and traditional media to connect with both job seekers actively looking for work and those not currently searching.

The platform offers up-to-the-minute data and insights, giving organisations the ability to fine-tune their recruitment efforts and more effectively draw in candidates ready for hire.

  • Pricing: Negotiated on a case by case basis 
  • Target audience: Organisations looking to optimise their recruitment marketing strategies
  • Category: Recruitment Marketing Platform

PandoLogic - Best conversational AI

PandoLogic stands out as a leader in using artificial intelligence for recruitment, providing a collection of tools that make hiring more accurate and efficient.

The core of PandoLogic's technology is pandoIQ, a smart job advertising platform that automatically places job ads across a wide range of job sites. It's designed to find candidates more effectively, making sure job postings are seen by the right people at the right time.

PandoLogic aims to improve the recruitment process, not just copy it. By using predictive analytics, extensive data, and unique algorithms, it helps make the best decisions and manage budgets more effectively, all while minimising human mistakes and biases.

  • Pricing: Negotiated on a case by case basis
  • Target audience: Employers seeking efficient and AI-driven recruitment solutions
  • Category: AI Recruitment Solutions

Radancy - Best for employee referral programs

Radancy is an all-in-one recruitment technology platform that streamlines the entire process of attracting and hiring candidates, from their first interaction to submitting an application. It's designed to get the most value out of recruitment efforts, cutting costs and speeding up the process of finding the right candidates.

The platform includes a variety of features, such as smart ad technology for reaching candidates across different channels, automated career websites that make job searching engaging, a system for managing employee referrals, and a CRM tool that leverages data to pinpoint and attract suitable candidates.

Radancy also focuses on creating a personalised experience for candidates, using insights from user interactions and its network to drive successful hires. The outcomes reported include lower application costs, quicker hiring times, more hires through organic methods, and less reliance on paid advertising.

  • Pricing: Negotiated on a case by case basis
  • Target audience: Organisations looking to optimise their talent acquisition process and improve ROI
  • Category: Talent Acquisition Platform

Talroo - Best for hiring events

Talroo is recruitment technology focused on helping companies find essential workers. It's built to make it easier to hire large numbers of employees by connecting with special groups of job seekers.

With features like targeted job ads through Talroo Pro, support for organising hiring events, and access to up-to-the-minute data with Talroo Insights, Talroo stands out for its ability to find new job candidates who aren't found on other job sites.

The platform leverages advanced marketing techniques to pinpoint the best candidates for job openings. Talroo's dedication to being at the forefront of technology is also shown in how well it works with various Applicant Tracking Systems and HR tech, making for a smooth process for candidates.

  • Pricing: Not specified on the website, TrustRadius mentions prices starting from $149 per month per user
  • Target audience: Employers and recruiters looking to attract essential workforces
  • Category: Job Advertising and Recruitment

Frequently asked questions

Here are our answers to some frequently asked questions on the topic of recruitment technology. 

What are recruitment technology platforms?

Recruitment technology platforms are digital tools and software systems designed to automate and enhance the process of finding, attracting, hiring, and retaining talent for organisations. 

These platforms streamline various stages of the recruitment cycle, from posting job openings and sourcing candidates to screening applications, conducting interviews, and onboarding new hires. We just listed the best recruitment tech platforms above, so there are plenty of examples available for you to check out.

How do you select a recruitment tech platform?

Choosing a recruitment tech platform involves figuring out what your company specifically needs, like how many people you're hiring, the kind of jobs you're offering, and how much you can spend. 

Look for platforms that match your requirements, are easy to use, work well with the systems you already have, and offer good support to help you make the best choice for your hiring strategy.

What is ATS and CRM in recruitment?

In recruitment, an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a tool that helps manage job applications and resumes online, making it easier for hiring teams to keep track of, sort through, and communicate with applicants. 

A CRM (Candidate Relationship Management) system focuses on keeping in touch with potential job candidates, helping to maintain a pool of interested people for future job openings by engaging with them over time.

What AI recruitment tools do recruiters use?

Recruiters use AI tools to make hiring smoother and more efficient. These tools include software that can quickly review resumes and match them to job listings, chatbots that answer candidate questions in real time, analytics to predict future hiring needs, and AI tests to check if a candidate fits the job and company culture.

What is programmatic job advertising?

Programmatic job advertising is like setting up automatic online ads for job openings. It uses technology to place your job ads on different websites without you having to do it manually. 

The system targets ads to the right people, adjusts where and how often the ads are shown based on how well they're doing, and manages your budget to get the best results, ensuring your job openings are seen by the most suitable candidates. We also listed the best programmatic job ad software of 2024 before.

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