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Hans van Rijnswoud


Decrease in cost per click
Campaign Management reduction
Increase in conversions

Company overview

Adver-Online, a leading digital advertising agency, specializes in job posting and recruitment advertising. Their mission is to streamline complex advertising needs into effective, targeted campaigns that reach the right candidates at the right time. As a hub for both governmental and commercial sector recruitment, they handle a vast amount of job postings across multiple media channels.

Company type

Recruitment Marketing Agency

Company size

51 - 200


Haarlem, The Netherlands

Candidate segment

Blue + White collar

The Challenge

Faced with the necessity of managing a large-scale volume of job postings monthly, Hans van Rijnswoud, CEO of Adver-Online, recognized the urgent need for a robust automation solution. The existing processes were not only time-consuming but also lacked efficiency due to the absence of a unified tool that could consolidate different media channels.

The Solution

Wonderkind provided a tailored automation platform that revolutionized Adver-Online’s campaign management by integrating various media channels into a single, streamlined tool. This significant enhancement allowed for real-time campaign adjustments and better targeting, ensuring that each job advertisement reached its intended audience more effectively.


The collaboration between Adver-Online and Wonderkind yielded remarkable improvements:

  • Efficiency in Campaign Management: The introduction of automation led to a staggering 96% reduction in time spent on campaign management.
  • Cost Reduction: There was a significant 45% decrease in cost per click, enhancing the overall cost-efficiency of the campaigns.
  • Conversion Improvement: By optimising targeting strategies, Adver-Online saw a 14% increase in conversions, indicating a stronger alignment with the desired audience.
  • Increased Conversions from Pixel Tracking: The improved targeting also resulted in a noticeable increase in offsite conversions as measured by pixel tracking, further validating the effectiveness of the advertising strategies.


“Wonderkind's automation technology has not only streamlined our processes but also amplified our campaign effectiveness, allowing us to achieve more with less,”

Hans van Rijnswoud

This partnership highlights how integrating sophisticated automation within advertising strategies can lead to substantial improvements in both efficiency and effectiveness. Adver-Online’s case demonstrates the transformative impact of Wonderkind’s solutions, empowering them to exceed their operational goals and connect more effectively with job seekers.

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