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4:00 PM - January 20th 2022

Webinar: How to find the right candidate in 2022

There is no denying that it has been harder than ever to find candidates. But you are in luck! As 2022 is just beginning, this is the time job-seekers are now just starting to rethink their priorities, leading them to search for a new job.

The hunt for talent is on. This webinar will give you recruitment marketing tips and techniques on finding these candidates and how your company can reach them before your competition does.

Our guest speaker, Matt Lozar (Director of Recruitment Marketing @ Haley Marketing Group), will share his knowledge on how you can find the right candidate in 2022. In the webinar, we will discuss:

🌟 What’s in it for me, the candidate? Job posting and socials.

🌟 Automation – programmatic job advertising and candidate automation. They give you more time to recruit!

🌟 Employer Branding – showcase your company on your career site and social media.

🌟 Easy to Apply – reduce friction!

** Even if you cannot make the webinar, you will still receive the recording if you sign up! **

Hosted by

Matt Lozar | Director of Recruitment Marketing @ Haley Marketing

Matt Lozar works as the Director of Recruitment Marketing at the Haley Marketing Group, the nation’s largest marketing firm dedicated to servicing the staffing and recruiting industry.

As the Director of Recruitment Marketing, Matt focuses on the four pillars of recruitment marketing – career sites, job advertising, social recruiting and employer branding.  Matt launched the job spend management division at the Haley Marketing Group. Through the usage of programmatic software, the division has grown 191 percent in 2021!

Daniella Janis | Marketing Manager @ Wonderkind

Daniella is an experienced marketer who is enthusiastic about employer branding, culture, and content. She loves experimenting with marketing initiatives, building strong and meaningful relationships, and growing together with people and companies to impact the world positively.

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