Seeing the direct correlation between Wonderkind's strategies and our increased conversion rate was exhilarating,

Aida Musakadic

Content Marketeer

Company overview

Xelvin is a Dutch company specializing in connecting professionals in the Mechanical, Maintenance, and Engineering sectors with innovative companies. Despite their success, Xelvin encountered a challenge common in the digital age: increasing website traffic without a corresponding rise in hires. This prompted a strategic partnership with Wonderkind to not only draw candidates but also enhance the conversion process.

Company type

Staffing Firm

Company size

201 - 500 employees


The Netherlands

Candidate segment

The Challenge

Xelvin's initial challenge was a familiar tale in digital marketing: while their campaigns succeeded in driving a significant amount of traffic to their website, this did not translate into a proportional number of hires. Internally, the company recognized the need to refine its processes — from optimizing the application journey on their website to enhancing their bottom-of-the-funnel conversion rates.

Wonderkind's Tailored Solution

Wonderkind stepped in with a tailored solution centered around 'Dynamic Ads' and 'HardApply' strategies, aimed at not just reaching but engaging the right candidates. With a data-driven approach and a focus on offsite conversion tracking, Wonderkind deployed campaigns that cut through the noise to attract qualified professionals actively seeking new opportunities.

Measurable Results

Over the course of two months, the campaigns delivered impressive results:

  • A noticeable increase in offsite conversions, as measured by pixel purchases, indicated a successful alignment with targeted audiences.
  • Campaign reach expanded significantly, peaking at 61,221 impressions, with consistent engagement as reflected by the high frequency of ads served to potential candidates.
  • Despite the sophisticated targeting, the campaigns maintained a cost-effective approach, with a noticeable reduction in cost per results, implying a higher return on investment.
Our decision to refine our internal processes in tandem with the campaigns was crucial

Aida Musakadic


Xelvin's journey with Wonderkind reflects a successful pivot from conventional recruitment to a dynamic, data-driven approach. By addressing the bottlenecks in their recruitment funnel and embracing targeted digital advertising, Xelvin not only enhanced its brand reach but also achieved a more efficient conversion of traffic into tangible hires.

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