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Bianca Urbinati

Head of Marketing & Communication

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Company overview

Trenkwalder Group is a leading personnel services company that operates extensively across Europe, providing staffing solutions, temporary employment, recruitment, and HR consulting services. With a workforce of over 10,000 employees and operations in 16 countries, Trenkwalder specializes in sectors such as manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, and IT. They are recognized for their robust capacity to connect businesses with qualified personnel, offering tailored staffing needs, whether temporary or permanent.

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The Challenge

Trenkwalder's headquarters in Germany oversee the company's extensive operations, yet they face significant constraints due to limited marketing staff. This bottleneck was particularly problematic in the deployment of marketing campaigns for various job vacancies, as the process was manually intensive. Bianca, responsible for the entirety of Trenkwalder’s marketing outreach, needed a solution that would allow her to manage and optimise campaigns efficiently across multiple regions without the constant need for direct involvement in every step of the process.

The Solution

Wonderkind provided a seamless integration with Trenkwalder's Applicant Tracking System (ATS), Bullhorn, which streamlined the campaign creation process. This integration enabled the automated deployment of marketing campaigns directly from the ATS, significantly reducing the manual effort required by Bianca. The entire job feed was organised into seven distinct job lists within Wonderkind's system, each associated with tailored content and ad copies. This structured approach allowed recruiters to simply click a button in their ATS to launch a job into the Wonderkind platform, thereby facilitating a smooth and efficient job flow.


The integration of Trenkwalder’s ATS with Wonderkind’s Talent Attraction Technology brought about substantial improvements:

1. Time Savings: The automated deployment of campaigns through the ATS integration significantly reduced the time spent on manual tasks, allowing marketing resources to be allocated more effectively.

2. Consistency in Cost-Per-Lead (CPL): Despite the automation and scaling of campaign deployment across multiple countries, Trenkwalder was able to maintain consistent CPL values, ensuring cost-effectiveness in their marketing efforts.

3. Expanded Operational Capacity: Following a successful proof of concept in Germany, Trenkwalder plans to extend this partnership with Wonderkind to include all job vacancies in Austria and subsequently other countries managed from the headquarters in Munich.


Trenkwalder Group's collaboration with Wonderkind has transformed their marketing and recruitment strategy by integrating advanced automation tools with their existing ATS. This strategic enhancement not only conserves resources but also scales operations effectively, maintaining cost-efficiency while broadening their reach across Europe. Bianca's role has evolved from hands-on campaign management to overseeing a more strategic, automated process that aligns with the company’s growth objectives. This case study exemplifies how leveraging technology can address staffing challenges in large-scale operations, setting a benchmark for efficiency in the recruitment industry.

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