Wonderkind's approach has revolutionized how we connect with potential candidates

Amy Marley

Head of Marketing

Increase in candidates
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Company overview

Tradewind Recruitment, a distinguished education recruitment company, specializes in linking qualified teaching staff with schools across the UK. With a commitment to high standards and a deep understanding of educational needs, Tradewind strives to place the best talent in teaching roles that fit both the candidate and the educational institution.

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51 - 200


United Kingdom

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The Challenge:

Amy Marley, Head of Marketing at Tradewind Recruitment, faced a pressing dilemma. The escalating costs of job boards coupled with a decline in applicant numbers signaled a need for change. The goal was ambitious yet clear: to diversify their talent attraction strategy by integrating social media (specifically Meta platforms) into their recruitment marketing mix. This pivot aimed not only to reduce their dependence on conventional job boards but also to harness the ubiquity of social media for candidate attraction.

The Solution:

To address these challenges, Tradewind Recruitment partnered with Wonderkind, leveraging its cutting-edge technology to harness the vast reach of social media. Wonderkind's platform enabled Tradewind to engage with a broader audience of potential candidates seamlessly within their daily environments—from subways to cafes—emphasizing the "Hire where life happens" ethos. This strategic pivot focused on reaching both passive and active job seekers through personalised, targeted campaigns.


The collaboration with Wonderkind led to outstanding results:

  • Application Increase: Applications soared by 80%, significantly enhancing Tradewind's candidate pool.
  • Applicant Numbers: The total number of applicants reached 3,600, demonstrating the campaign's extensive reach and appeal.
  • Engagement Uplift: There was a 300% rise in registration form submissions, indicating a greater level of candidate engagement.
  • Cost Efficiency: The Cost Per Applicant (CPA) was dramatically reduced to £3.21, showcasing the cost-effectiveness of the strategy.
  • Operational Efficiency: The time spent on campaign distribution was reduced to just one hour per month, streamlining the recruitment process.


Reflecting on the transformative impact of the partnership, Amy Marley commented, "Wonderkind's innovative approach has revolutionized how we connect with potential candidates. By shifting away from traditional job boards to embrace the power of social media, we have not only broadened our recruitment reach but have also significantly enhanced the effectiveness of our strategy. This partnership has empowered us to attract top talent in ways we previously thought were unattainable."

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