How Wonderkind streamlined our advertising and increased revenue

Matthias Schröder


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Company overview

Raven51 is a premier recruitment marketing agency based in Frankfurt, Germany. With over 50 years of experience, Raven51 is a recognized leader in the German recruitment market, known for pioneering technological advancements and delivering cutting-edge recruitment solutions across various industries. Their expertise spans from crafting compelling job profiles to providing comprehensive employer branding services.

Company type

Recruitment Marketing Agency

Company size

51 - 200


Frankfurt, Germany

Candidate segment


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The Challenge

Today's job market demands a proactive talent attraction strategy as the traditional "post and pray" approach is no longer effective. Raven51 faced challenges with conventional job boards, which only reached 20% of active job seekers. With 78% of employed individuals open to new opportunities but not actively searching, reaching this passive talent pool required a more innovative approach. The complexity of creating effective social media ads also posed a challenge, necessitating a solution that could streamline this process.

The Solution

Raven51 partnered with Wonderkind to leverage its advanced Talent Attraction Technology. This AI-driven platform enabled Raven51 to create automated, targeted social media ads, efficiently reaching potential candidates during their everyday moments. Wonderkind's technology provided recommendations based on budget and creatives, allowing Raven51 to deliver authentic and on-brand job ads without requiring extensive advertising expertise.

Wonderkind has dramatically improved our ability to reach passive candidates. By integrating their technology, we can now connect with top talent in ways that were previously impossible.

The Results

  • 21% Revenue Growth: Leveraging Wonderkind's technology enabled Raven51 to drive significant revenue growth by offering advanced solutions to their clients.
  • 91% Customer Retention: The enhanced recruitment process and successful outcomes led to higher customer satisfaction and retention
  • 97% Time Savings: What previously took 30 minutes to set up now takes less than a minute with Wonderkind.


Raven51's collaboration with Wonderkind has significantly enhanced their recruitment process, allowing them to attract high-quality candidates efficiently and cost-effectively. By utilizing Wonderkind's AI-driven Talent Attraction Technology, Raven51 has been able to save time, reduce costs, and reach a broader talent pool. This partnership has not only optimized their recruitment processes but also driven revenue by enabling Raven51 to offer advanced, effective solutions to their clients. This exemplifies how innovative solutions can revolutionize traditional recruitment methods, enabling companies to connect with potential employees across their everyday moments.

The automation and AI capabilities of Wonderkind have not only optimized our recruitment processes but also driven significant revenue growth by enhancing our service offerings to clients.

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