The collaboration with Wonderkind revolutionized our approach to recruitment

Andy Pirie

Head of Recruitment Advertising

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Company overview

Newcross Healthcare is a leading provider of healthcare staffing solutions across the UK. Known for its commitment to compassionate, quality care, Newcross has been facing unique challenges in the recruitment landscape.

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Staffing Firm

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The Challenge

Prior to partnering with Wonderkind, Newcross Healthcare's recruitment strategy was heavily reliant on traditional job boards, which proved less effective in rural areas. Their existing methods lacked the sophistication to track pivotal metrics like 'complete applications,' leaving a gap in understanding the effectiveness of their campaigns. With an ambitious goal set for the end of 2024, Newcross aimed to decrease its dependency on job boards and amplify its presence on social media to attract top-tier talent.

Wonderkind's Strategic Approach

In response to Newcross's challenges, Wonderkind deployed a cutting-edge AI-powered targeting strategy to diversify advertising outreach. This approach was not merely about reaching a broader audience but about intelligently connecting with potential candidates in the spaces they frequented online, transforming every digital interaction into a potential recruitment opportunity.

The collaboration with Wonderkind revolutionised our approach to recruitment. Witnessing our CPA fall while applications soared confirmed we were on the right path. It's been transformative.

Measurable Success

The partnership's success is highlighted by tangible, quantitative results:

  • Cost-Effective Recruitment: The Cost Per Application (CPA) was reduced significantly to below £20, surpassing the target of £35-£40.
  • Increased Applications: There was a substantial increase in the volume of applications, indicating a broader and more successful engagement with prospective candidates.
  • Efficiency Over Time: Post-November, a strategic shift led to a consistent decline in the average CPA, demonstrating the growing efficiency of recruitment spending.
  • End of November Milestone: The adjustments made at the end of November played a pivotal role in enhancing campaign efficiency. This period marked a distinct transition to a more agile methodology in recruitment, facilitated by Wonderkind's advanced targeting technologies. The proactive optimization of the campaign not only utilized the budget more effectively but also signaled a significant improvement in advertising outreach.
It's been rewarding to see our tailored strategy yielding such fantastic results. Newcross Healthcare's success is a testament to what can be achieved with the right technology and partnership.

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