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Frederik van Lierde

Managing Partner

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Company overview

Headcount, established in 2011 and headquartered in Antwerp and Ghent, Belgium, is a leading Talent Attraction Bureau and part of Group Cronos, the largest IT company in Belgium. Headcount specializes in innovative talent acquisition strategies, serving clients across various industries, including notable names like Nationale Lotterij, Arcelor Mittal, and Unilin.

Company type

Recruitment Agency

Company size

10 - 50


Antwerp, Belgium

Candidate segment

The Challenge

Headcount faced the challenge of differentiating itself in an increasingly complex and crowded recruitment landscape. Traditional methods of talent acquisition were proving insufficient, and the need to innovate and challenge the status quo was paramount to their success.

The Solution

Headcount turned to Wonderkind’s Talent Attraction Technology to enhance their recruitment efforts. By leveraging advanced cross-media approaches and digital marketing solutions, Headcount was able to revolutionize their talent acquisition process. The implementation of social media strategies on platforms like Instagram and Facebook allowed them to reach a wider pool of candidates and achieve faster results.

Social media will be a go-to-channel for any hiring and staffing effort, and the technology that Wonderkind offers will be the backbone of that in the future.


  • Increased Candidate Generation: Using Wonderkind’s technology, Headcount generated up to 5 times more candidates for their clients within the same timeframe.
  • High Vacancy Fill Rate: 82% of vacancies were filled within 5 weeks, a top value in the industry.
  • Reduced Sourcing Costs: The advanced cross-media approach reduced the cost per hire by up to 45%.
  • Access to a Wider Talent Pool: Headcount’s efforts enabled them to access 93% of candidates, significantly improving the quality and reach of their talent pool.
Wonderkind’s platform allows us to stay ahead in a competitive market by sourcing unique talent quickly.


Headcount's innovative approach to talent attraction has set them apart in the recruitment industry. By embracing Wonderkind’s Talent Attraction Technology, they have achieved extraordinary success in generating more candidates, filling vacancies quickly, and reducing sourcing costs. Frederik van Lierde’s vision and commitment to innovation continue to drive Headcount’s growth and success in the age of Talent Attraction.

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